Referee Bill Leavy and his officiating crew may want to brush up on the NFL rulebook before Week 4. For the second time in three week's Leavy's crew made an errant call in a game.

During the second quarter of Sunday's game between Cleveland and Minnesota Browns punt returner Travis Benjamin muffed a punt that Vikings linebacker Larry Dean picked up and returned for a touchdown. However under NFL rules muffed punts can't be advanced so the officials correctly ruled that it would be Vikings ball at Cleveland's 26-yard line.

That's when things went awry. Vikings coach Leslie Frazier challenged the call hoping for a touchdown. However coaches aren't allowed to challenge plays that are automatically reviewed such as turnovers and touchdowns.

In 2012 the penalty for wrongly challenging a play was a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct flag. Lions coach Jim Schwartz was famously hit with this flag in a Thanksgiving game that Detroit ended up losing to Houston in overtime.

However the NFL changed the rule after the 2012 season so that a team wouldn't be penalized 15-yards. Instead a team would just be charged a timeout. So the Vikings should have been charged a timeout but that didn't happen.