Iman Shumpert is home for Halloween – and will be wearing the Knicks’ new alternative all-orange jersey at Chicago’s United Center on Thursday night.

Shumpert will do his best to scare the daylights out of his Chicago high school rival, Derrick Rose.

“I know I’m going to see some of Derrick Rose tomorrow,’’ Shumpert said late Wednesday in the victorious Knicks locker room at the Garden.

Though both of their schools (Simeon Academy for Rose, Oak Park for Shumpert) were in the playoffs one season, they never met. They are linked by their roots and torn ACLs – injured on the same playoff afternoon in April 2012. Shumpert returned Jan. 17, 2013, in London. Rose returned two days ago in South Beach as the Bulls were blown out by the two-time champion Heat. I asked Shumpert whether it was exciting for him to get Rose in his hometown.

“Of course it is,’’ Shumpert beamed. “It’s nothing to hide. Of course it is. Big-time home game.’’

Shumpert was one of the big bright spots for the Knicks in their season-opening 90-83 survival Wednesday night over Milwaukee. He bagged 16 points and four rebounds. Knicks coach Mike Woodson used Shumpert as the starting small forward in the small lineup that flourished down the stretch last season. If he plays with aggressiveness on both ends, it will be hard for Woodson to reshuffle the deck when J.R. Smith returns from his five-game pot suspension.

Before the game, new president/GM Steve Mills raved about Shumpert the way Woodson rarely does.

“I think he has an opportunity to be a really good player in this league,” Mills said. “He’s such a strong defensive player, and has been a real stopper. We’ve encouraged him to work on his offensive game. We’ve spent a lot of time and have people assigned to help him do that. I think he has an opportunity to be a really, really complete player in the league.”

My favorite play from Shumpert in the opener was him grabbing a defensive rebound, sprinting downcourt to create his own fast break and finishing with a layup while a flagrant foul was called on Caron Butler for wrapping him up.

“I think I have a better understanding of the NBA game,’’ Shumpert said when asked to assess why he looked more aggressive.

With Raymond Felton’s hamstring a concern, Woodson surely will want Shumpert to guard Rose at times. Felton departed for the locker room after clutching his left hamstring when he landed badly in the second half. He later returned to the game.

Felton admitted the hamstring could be a lingering issue. He missed two preseason games because of it.

“It can be,’’ Felton said. “Hopefully tomorrow it’s not that sore and doesn’t hinder me that much. I’ll be on the court. I’m a warrior.