NFL free agency kicked off Thursday with Colin Kaepernick still on the sidelines.

As quarterbacks around the league continue to play musical chairs, I set out to forecast where Kaepernick might land when the music stops. The Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills and New York Jets seemed the most likely destinations, but two of those vacancies have already been filled.

The Jets remain a possibility — and recently hired John Morton, the San Francisco 49ers wide receivers coach when Kaepernick was at his best in the Bay area, as their offensive coordinator — but how long will Kaepernick have to wait to find a new team? And, more interestingly, why is he waiting at all?

Tyrod Taylor and Brian Hoyer have already inked new deals. The Houston Texans sent Brock Osweiler and two draft picks to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for a fourth-round draft pick in a deal of two teams agreeing to take each other’s problems. Mike Glennon got $18.5 million guaranteed from Chicago on potential alone.

You can make a statistical argument Kaepernick is a more accomplished runner and passer than all of the men above.

Mike Glennon is expected to get a three-year deal with an annual average of $14.5 million from the Bears. Glennon has 4,100 yards, 30 touchdowns and an 84.1 career passer rating. Kaepernick has a career passer rating of 88.9 and has passed for more than twice as many touchdowns and three times as many yards.

So, again, why is he waiting?

Although he’s been in the spotlight for a while and is now after his third NFL contract, Kaepernick is still just 29 years old, which is nothing for a QB nowadays. Glennon is two years younger; Hoyer is two years older.