The Ravens really went to another level on offense after Jim Caldwell took over as the coordinator late in the regular season. There's no question about that.

Baltimore's really been supported by its defense for years, but the offense pushed the Ravens through the playoffs and to a Super Bowl title. But Caldwell doesn't want to rest on the team's laurels -- he wants improvement in 2013.

"The big thing is that we are just trying to get better in every phase," Caldwell said when speaking with the media at OTAs this week. "We averaged a little over four yards a carry in terms of the running game, in certain situations – in first- and second-down – we want to be a little bit better. We want to be more consistent in terms of our passing game. We were able to have a lot of big plays down the field, and we have the big play capability, but we also need to be really precious in terms of our passing game – underneath passing game, etc. So, we are working on a little bit of everything.”

The offense was clearly more effective in so many ways after Caldwell took charge. They took chances more, rolled the dice and weren't afraid to let Joe Flacco throw the ball downfield, something that didn't seem to happen before.