Capacity for Raiders games at Coliseum will be reduced by nearly 10,000 to 53,200 in 2013, and approximately 4,850 season-ticket holders from the east side high-rise structure known as "Mount Davis" will be relocated, the club announced Wednesday.
Raiders CEO Amy Trask described the decision as a "tool" to ensure games remain on local television as well as to promote more of a community and family-friendly atmosphere.
Fans who paid $260 per season ticket on the east side structure will be moved to the west side third deck, and their tickets will cost $250 this season -- or $25 per game including preseason games.
All seats in the west side third deck from sections 304 through 330 will be $250 per season ticket -- even those that previously cost $610 or $460 depending on how close they were to the 50-yard line.
"It certainly makes this entire third deck very, very attractive to families -- especially families with a lot of kids," Trask said.
All other season ticket prices will be reduced $10.
In reducing the maximum capacity from 63,132 to 53,200, the Raiders will have the smallest venue in the NFL. Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears, seats 61,500.
With invoices having gone out to season-ticket holders starting Tuesday, Trask said it's too early to tell if the Raiders' 4-12 season in 2012 will cause a reduction in the amount of renewals for 2013.
Reaction to relocation