Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila said he took a "big picture" view of the 2016 season when deciding the fate of manager Brad Ausmus.

Avila acknowledged that some would want to "whack the guy and move forward" after the Tigers didn't make the playoffs.

"It's not as simple as that," Avila said on a conference call with media Wednesday afternoon. "If you feel that you can continue to get better, then you stay the course."

The Tigers opted to stay the course with Ausmus for at least one more season, exercising the 2017 option in his contract. Avila said he didn't consider a longer extension.

"The club can change from year to year. For our organization, having the club option works for us, and actually, I think it works for Brad," Avila said. "There are several managers in today's game that work year to year and there have been managers in the past who've worked year to year. I am comfortable with it."

Avila said the decision to made retain Ausmus was not a product of their post-season meeting this week, but of constant communication throughout the year.

"In talking to Brad, I mentioned some of the things I'd like to improve on and it just so happened he and I were on the same page," Avila said. "At the end, we've been on the same page all year. Whatever things we disagreed upon -- and we have had disagreements on certain things -- we can move forward and work through those things with no issue."

Ausmus said he has a constructive relationship with his boss, who took over as the GM when the Tigers parted ways with Dave Dombrowski last August.