It was one of those nights where baseball became pinball and the A's were in danger of breaking the scoreboard counter.

In the end Oakland was an 18-3 victor over the Minnesota Twins on a night where every ball that could fell in and A's starter Sonny Gray spent enough time on the bench between innings to get his taxes done.

Actually keeping his taxes straight might have been easier than keeping the box score accurate and up to date. It was the kind of night where outs were elevated into doubles and homers were degraded to doubles.

By the end of the fourth inning each A's batter not only had a hit but also had scored a run. Both teams emptied their benches and Minnesota gave the A's a guided tour of its bullpen.

By game's end Oakland not only had a two-touchdown win but also had a three-game lead in the American League West with the Texas Rangers having lost again to Pittsburgh at home.

Even the moment that looked bleakest -- Josh Donaldson getting hit on the hand by a pitch in the third inning -- couldn't slow the A's. Donaldson was in some pain but "I wanted to play" he said and he remained in the game long enough to get two subsequent hits as every player in the starting lineup had a hit scored a run and drove in a run.

"That's pretty hard to do" shortstop Jed Lowrie said. "But when you're doing it it's lots of fun."

The biggest bit of sustained action came in the fourth inning when the first seven A's batters collected hits the capper being a ground ball foul down the right field line by Lowrie. That's not a misprint. Lowrie's ball was ruled foul then after the umpires consulted was called fair.

First base umpire Bill Miller told both sides that he didn't have a good angle on the ball as he was trying to get out of the way and home plate umpire Dale Scott said the ball was fair.

Lowrie was rewarded with a bases-loaded two-run double that made it 9-1 and led to an irate Twins manager Ron Gardenhire getting ejected from a game he likely wouldn't have wanted to see the end of.

"It was the right call" Lowrie said. "And the umps said they wanted to get the call right."