Carmelo Anthony needs to lose the rabbit ears, pronto.

Anthony needs to keep making the Knicks a threat to the Miami Heat and start tuning out opponents.

This is Anthony's 10th season in the NBA and now he's letting Kevin Garnett's vicious trash talk get the best of him? If that's the case, then the Knicks are in bigger trouble than anyone realizes.

They can't have their top player, a legitimate candidate for the MVP this season, come mentally unglued when someone makes disparaging comments about his reportedly estranged wife. Or his mama. Or whoever.

If that kind of B.S. can throw Anthony off his game and make the Knicks an easy mark, then they're never going to get out of the first round again. Not as long as he is their top player.

With all the talk about the Celtics having to play without Rajon Rondo, here came Ragin' Melo.

"I lost my cool," he said after Knicks practice in Greenburgh on Tuesday. "But there are certain things that push certain people's buttons. You guys will never know what those certain things are."

They involve a breakfast cereal, if the rumors on Twitter are to be believed.

Whatever Garnett served up out on the Garden floor on Monday night, it reduced Melo to mental shredded wheat. Twice he tried to get at the Celtics' resident antagonizer after the final buzzer. If he's not suspended by the NBA by Thursday's game in Indiana, it's because Jim Dolan made some preemptive strikes with the highest-ranking league officials. That wouldn't be the first time the Garden honcho has looked out for his favorite player and resident star.

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