Carmelo Anthony was poised to break something on Thursday — maybe a Madison Square Garden scoring record or perhaps Mike D'Antoni's spirit. As it turns out, Melo nearly broke himself.

"It was one of those awkward falls," Anthony said. "My knee and ankle are a little sore right now."

Anthony sprained his left ankle in the third quarter of the Knicks' convincing 116-107 victory over D'Antoni and the shockingly dismal Los Angeles Lakers. How serious Anthony's left leg injuries are is unclear as he spent the last 18 minutes of the game being treated in the locker room.

Anthony limped noticeably as he left the arena. He would not say if he would be available for Saturday's home game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"Right now, it's too soon," said Anthony, who scored 30 points in just 23 minutes. "They haven't tested it. They did some manual stuff. Everything was good. I'm real sore right now . . . ankle, knee, hip. It was the way I landed on the floor."

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