Willie Colon has compartmentalized his animosity for the Patriots.

The Jets veteran right guard has “a lot of different reasons” not to break bread with the NFL’s Evil Empire even if he’s not willing to share all of them.

Colon who spent seven years with the Steelers used to ratchet up his intensity for AFC North bloodbaths with the Ravens.

“It’s weird” Colon told the Daily News of that rivalry. “I hated them but I loved them at the same time because they’re a team that forced you to give them your best.”

And the Patriots?

“I just hate them” he said.

Colon literally threw himself in to the Jets-Patriots rivalry in Week 2. His role in a late-game skirmish along the New England sideline in the Jets’ 13-10 loss in Foxborough cost him about $34000. The league doled out $88500 in fines from that game further evidence that these teams aren’t very fond of each other.

“I don’t like them” Colon said in the run-up to the rematch Sunday at MetLife Stadium. “But at the same time you got to respect what they’ve done as an organization. Winning Super Bowls. They’ve built a tradition there where they get it done. No matter what you feel about them personally you got to respect that they win.”

Colon grew to hate the Patriots in Pittsburgh even though he faced them only twice in his career. He believes there’s a reason that the Steelers one of the league’s model franchises are viewed differently than the Patriots.

The Steelers don’t irk opponents as much as Bill Belichick’s team does. They don’t whine either.

“People respect the Steelers because they play you one way” Colon said. “You never hear an excuse about why the Steelers lose. When we lost we moved on. I think sometimes when the Patriots lose or things go wrong it seems as if there’s excuses for why they didn’t have a good game. Sometimes that rubs people the wrong way. I feel that way. If you lose you take it.”

The Jets share that contempt for an organization that has repeatedly bludgeoned them. Antonio Cromartie famously called Tom Brady an “ass----” a few years ago. Darrelle Revis once voiced his displeasure about Belichick. The Jets of course tattled on New England to introduce the world to Spy Gate.

Although Colon didn’t play on the Steelers teams that lost to the Patriots in the 2001 and 2004 AFC Championship Games during the SpyGate era those moments likely helped shape his opinion of them.

“There is no middle ground in cheating” Colon said. “You either cheated or you didn’t. I think the proof is out there on that regard. It is what it is.”