These days, Marcus Harris hears it from everyone, from his teammates to the coaching staff to the fans who have adopted him as a crowd favorite.


Welcome to the legend of Marcus (Soup) Harris. Last season, the 6-1, 187-pound receiver was simply Marcus Harris (sometimes not even that), an obscure player on the Giants practice squad. But this summer, he’s emerged as “Soup,” and he’s trying to follow Victor Cruz’s path to success.

Soup is already the darling of this training camp, and with each day, he moves closer to a spot on the Giants’ 53-man roster.

“Now everybody’s calling me that (Soup),” Harris says. “(Before), they just called me Harris. Or ‘(No.) 18, 18, who is that?’”

Now, it’s Soup, short for “Superstar,” Harris admits rather bashfully. It’s the high school nickname he got from close friend and current Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin, and it’s being increasingly chanted during camp.

Harris’ performances have helped. Building on a solid spring, he has impressed the coaching staff so much that he has seen significant first-team action this week. In the Giants’ preseason-opening win over the Bills in Canton, Soup caught a team-high four passes for 49 yards.