Once the Giants cut Phil Simms in the spring of 1994, it set the tone for the salary-cap era in the NFL: If an iconic player and Super Bowl MVP such as Simms, who had just taken the Giants to the playoffs, can be a cap casualty, over the objections of Wellington Mara, then it can happen to anybody.
General manager George Young loved Simms, and did what he thought was the right thing, even if it turned out to be the wrong decision. It began the era of Dave Brown, Kent Graham and Danny Kanell, which didn’t produce many memorable moments.
Simms was coming off shoulder surgery, but was expected to be ready for training camp. Still, he was so blind-sided by the move that when coach Dan Reeves called Simms into his office to break the news, he thought he wanted him to sign some footballs. Instead, he was told he was being fired.
Which brings us to the blood bath going on at the Giants offices the last couple of days with the release of three Super Bowl champions.
On Tuesday, it was linebacker Michael Boley. He was a crucial contributor to the Giants’ run to the Super Bowl in 2011, as was defensive tackle Chris Canty, who was cut Wednesday along with running back Ahmad Bradshaw, a big-time player in the Super Bowl victories over the Patriots following the 2007 and 2011 seasons.
You can say this for GM Jerry Reese: He has earned the trust of Giants fans, much like Young had, because he has helped build two Super Bowl champions. Reese is able to distance himself from the emotional aspect of the NFL by saying goodbye to Bradshaw, whom he drafted in 2007, and Boley and Canty, whom he signed as big money free agents in 2009.

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