Just a few days ago, Brandon Jacobs was very “undecided” about whether he wanted to continue his NFL career. On Thursday, he quickly made up his mind.

The big, bruising running back who set a Giants record with 60 career touchdowns, officially announced his retirement from the NFL via his Twitter account (@gatorboyrb). Jacobs had recently had knee surgery and was facing four months of rehab that he said he’d approach as if he planned to play in 2014.

Instead, he decided that nine years in the NFL was enough.

“After 9 years in this whirlwind business they call the NFL, I am proud to announce that I am hanging up my cleats,” Jacobs announced. “I've had an amazing run and I appreciate all of the support from the fans through the good and the bad. The New York Giants are a great organization and I am proud to have been a part of it for so long. I love my coaches and my teammates and will miss them as well as the game itself.