Chances are, that even in the unconventional mind state Nuggets coach George Karl resides in much of the time, his conventional mind will win out more often than it doesn't.
But in this case, the Nuggets' foray into the remainder of their season, including the playoffs, without starting forward Danilo Gallinari, the options on what he will do were — and still are — as plentiful as a school of fish and as diverse as the hues on a color wheel.
And those included some way-outside-of-the-box ideas like this one:
"I was thinking about starting the bench," Karl said.
Yep. The bench.
"The things I've thought about are off the chart," Karl said. "The list is so wild and crazy it's incredible. It's stupid stuff."
The last five regular-season games are uncharted territory that need to be mapped, and mapped out quickly. The Nuggets know they will be without Gallinari, out for the remainder of the season to a torn ACL, and they'll get back a hobbled Ty Lawson, the starting point guard currently being sidelined by a complete plantar fascia tear.
They form the Nuggets' leading and second-leading scorers, the top assist player, the third-leading rebounder, the second-leading steals player and the second-best, free-throw shooter.
But when the process of figuring this all out started, prior to the Nuggets blowout of the Houston Rockets on Saturday, Karl had a simple message for how he wanted his players to conduct themselves for the remainder of the season.