Kenneth Faried doesn't want to let his hair down. It was a peculiar sight Tuesday for those familiar with the Nuggets — Faried with his hair down during a game.

That's how he wore it on the bench in Game 2 of the Golden State playoff series before being called to check in. Then he put his famous locks into his game-night pony tail.

"It's difficult to come off the bench," he said Wednesday. "It felt weird. I'm not used to it. I like to start and set the tempo."

Coach George Karl said the Nuggets are "definitely thinking" about starting Faried in Game 3 of the series on Friday. Game 2 was Faried's first game since his ankle injury. He had only four points and two rebounds in 21 minutes.

But Karl saw some positives.

"I thought he was our best active big on the pick-and-roll," Karl said. "He's an energy guy, and I think Golden State has a high priority of keeping him off the glass. Right now, Golden State is winning the rebounding match, doing it with intelligence and energy, but it's a long series."

Asked how his ankle felt Wednesday, Faried said: "I'm a little tight, just trying to get back. It was kind of difficult, because I haven't played in a while, but I just got to get back into the groove."

Here's where the plot thickens. Karl suggested there could be a change at center for the ineffective Kosta Koufos.

"Probably enough to bet on it in Vegas," Karl said. "Playoff basketball, you make changes. You don't have patience."