Maybe, just maybe, talking it out did some good.

Friday night, the Nuggets turned on-couch therapy into on-court results. Losing had gotten under everyone's skin so much, it bubbled over. Backup guard Andre Miller exploded on the court and was dismissed from the team for a few days. The rest of the team took a day to air out grievances in the locker room.

And the result was a burden-free performance against the Memphis Grizzlies. The Nuggets looked focused, confident and competent while beating the Grizzlies 111-108 at the Pepsi Center.

“It's a wonderful feeling,” said Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried. “We got the monkey off our back and we can't put it back on.”

Denver's eight-game losing streak is over before it became nine, which would have been the team's longest since enduring the same slide in the 2002-03 season, pre-Carmelo Anthony.

But that's all done with now. The Nuggets have forgiven Miller and rescinded his suspension. They also gave themselves a measure of forgiveness by putting their basketball transgressions in the past and pledging to move forward. That started with energy.