Nuggets guard Evan Fournier has three ages — his real age (20 years old) his NBA age (second season) and his professional basketball age (fourth season).

It's the professional basketball age he's most worried about.

As Fournier sees it his two years in the French Pro A league in addition to his rookie NBA season are an advantage in his NBA development putting him at a more advanced pace than any player his age. All that experience at a young age makes his bid for significant playing time this early in his career look that much more viable.

Part of the benefit of that court time is a confidence belying his youth. Nuggets assistant Melvin Hunt is one of two coaches who were on last season's staff. Asked about the biggest difference he sees in Fournier from a year ago Hunt said: "There's a quiet confidence about him. People forget he's been a pro for a number of years so he has a built-in confidence and you can see it grow."

A year ago there was some question as to whether the Nuggets would keep Fournier around or send him back to Europe for more seasoning. A couple of eye-opening showings in Pepsi Center pickup games during the summer convinced Nuggets coaches to keep him.