Two weeks into training camp and three preseason games under Nuggets belts' and this is what has been determined so far...

Not much.

There are still lineups to be hashed out. There are still roles to be defined. There is still an offense - and defense to be learned. The Nuggets are soaking it all in on the fly. Some players have stood out with exceptional work ethic — JaVale McGee — and others are suffering through injuries which will prolong this entire learning process — Wilson Chandler.

The head coach Brian Shaw is still getting used to being called the boss. He found the head coach's chair on the Nuggets bench at Pepsi Center for the first time on Monday night in his team's first home preseason game against San Antonio. He watched the Nuggets go on a a decisive 18-6 run in a three-minute span late in the fourth quarter to go from 78-76 down to 94-82 up.

They held on for their second win of the preseason 98-94 win over San Antonio led by 22 points and nine rebounds from Kenneth Faried.

Just as legendary coach Phil Jackson said to him San Antonio's larger-than-life coach Gregg Popovich had advice for Shaw a first-time head coach in the NBA.

"Be patient coach what you know and hope that management and ownership are patient and allow you to do your job" he said.

He ought to know.

Fortunately for Shaw he entered a situation where most everyone in the executive level is new and pulling in the same direction. It's his job to get the players to do the same in a more traditional style of basketball on the offensive end. Through the first 14 days there has been a marked improvement in how his team looks on the practice court and in games. And yet there remains a mountain-high stack of information to disseminate and for the players to digest before the season starts.

"We're ironing out the kinks and just getting to know each other" Nuggets guard Ty Lawson said. "It's going to take some time to get used to. With a new offense you're definitely going to have your ups and downs."

Then Lawson grinned.

"Right now" he said "it's more probably downs than ups."