Kenneth Faried sat on the edge of the basket's base, his arms horizontal across his knees, his head not as much resting on his arms as it was buried in them.

"I was sick as a dog, throwing up, but I still practiced, and everybody brought it," Faried said. "We knew what we had to do in order to get on the right track."

Faried was talking about the Nuggets' practice last Friday, a day after an embarrassing home loss to Minnesota. Faried admitted Sunday that he would have sat out of the Friday practice due to illness if Denver had defeated Minnesota. But the second-year pro recognized the moment, recognized his team's vulnerability, recognized the opportunity to show teammates he was doing everything he could.

"I came out, still tried to push it," he said. "We were mad. We were upset with each other. We were upset with ourselves. (The Timberwolves) were coming off a back-to-back (set), we were at home, and for some reason we didn't have the energy to really come out and play like we should have, especially after just beating the Clippers and having a practice (the day before).

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