Six. Five. Do something! Four. Three ...

And then, whoosh! Denver's Andre Miller attacked the basket from the right elbow, worked his way to the left side of the lane, then scooped a shot under his defender for a right-handed layup on the right side of the rim. Game-winner.

Nuggets win Game 1 of their Western Conference first-round playoff series over Golden State, 97-95, thanks to Dre.

"The play was for me, so I had to do something, so I just wanted to attack the basket and use the rim," Miller said.

With fakes upon fakes and Tulowitzki like line-drive jumpers, Miller kept Denver afloat offensively in the second half, notably in the fourth quarter, when it mattered most.

"I've never hit a game-winning shot. Ever. That was big for a first playoff game," Miller said. "I was tired, actually."

Ageless Andre had eight points and a lone assist at the half, but he finished with 28 points on 11-for-16 shooting and with five assists, too.

"Andre was obviously the guy tonight," Nuggets coach George Karl said. "Without Andre and our defense, we don't win."

The final minute was frantic. Denver led 93-92 when Ty Lawson snatched the ball from Stephen Curry, who was being smothered by Wilson Chandler near the top of the key. Lawson scurried down to the other end, making an acrobatic layup while eluding Klay Thompson for a 95-92 lead.

Down 3, the Warriors tied the game with 14.5 seconds left, thanks to the unflappable flick of Curry's wrist. He head-faked Lawson in the left quarter and then launched a corner 3 with Lawson lunging at his face. Swish. Game tied at 95, with just over 14 seconds left.

Karl called timeout and set up the play for Miller, who dribbled the clock down before making his move.