Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert apparently figured he got teammate Lance Stephenson into this mess, so Hibbert wanted to get him out of it.

Stephenson was facing a $35,000 fine by the NBA for joining in the altercation that Hibbert started Tuesday with Golden State Warriors big man David Lee.

Stephenson won’t have to pony up because Hibbert has said he’ll pay the fine, the Indianapolis Star reported.

“That means a lot. It means we’re together,” Stephenson said, according to the newspaper. “I was willing to help him, so he felt like he wanted to help me. I really appreciate it.”

Stephenson said he had been upset when Pacers coach Frank Vogel called to tell him that the NBA had fined him $35,000 for joining in the skirmish.

But, according to the Star, Stephenson’s phone rang again and it was Hibbert calling to tell him not to worry about the fine.

“That’s big time,” Vogel said. “It speaks volumes of who Roy Hibbert is and what this team is about. They care for each other. On the court they play for each other. When there’s a scuffle, they have each other’s back. It’s a fun culture to be a part of.”

Hibbert, who was suspended for Thursday’s game against the Clippers for being in the middle of the shoving match, certainly is relatively better situated financially to pay.

Stephenson is making $918,000 compared to Hibbert’s $13.6 million salary for the season.