The list of teams looking for a No. 1 goalie this summer will be short, but if the Senators can somehow find the right match they really should deal Craig Anderson.

Potentially, they could answer some roster needs or stock up on their draft picks, plus solve a problem of their own that's soon to be brewing.

This is not to lay blame for a disastrous season on Anderson, who was unavailable for a crucial stretch of games in March because of an injury that never was properly explained by either himself or the coach. Anderson didn't have a great campaign, but he's still a good goalie. A year ago he might have won the Vezina, if he had not run into, umm, the injury bug. And he still has it in him. (The potentional to win the trophy, not the bug.)

The problem is, he's also entering the last year of his contract. The Senators want to re-sign Anderson, but he's surely going to be looking for some term. And if they give him a three-or-four year deal, where does that leave Robin Lehner?

Waiting and waiting and getting more and more frustrated, is where. Lehner wouldn't like these words thrown in his face now, but it was only a week ago that, in general terms, he explained how "emotions" can negatively affect a goalie's performance.

And who should the Senators be more concerned with appeasing -- the soon to be 33-year old who is probably as good as he's going to get, or the 22-year old with the world in front of him who will be The Guy when and if they're ever ready to challenge for the Cup?

"I still think to be a good team in the league you need two goaltenders," GM Bryan Murray said Tuesday, when asked if he thought Lehner was ready to be a No. 1 goalie. "You need both that can win games for you. The way the game is played now, as we see again, there's a lot of injury in that area, and having that second guy that can play (is important).