Peter Laviolette hopes his players used the days off this week to reflect on what lies ahead starting Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Eighteen games to finish off the NHL regular season.

At some point over the next two weeks, the Flyers will either be going through the motions of finishing off a season without the playoffs, or making a final charge to secure a spot.

This morning, they remain five points out of the eighth seed but have fallen to 14th in the Eastern Conference.

Friday and Saturday will be their final practices before meeting the Penguins, who have blown away the competition in the Atlantic Division “race.”

“Well the practice is good, we get to work on some things,” Laviolette said. “We can hit the reset button. We’ve got to win some games.

“That doesn’t change the past and where we sit. So we’ve got to get back to work and look forward to the next game.

Any sense his players are hopeful?

“I think we came off of the win against New Jersey and I think we headed into Tampa Bay with those intentions as well,” he said.