I know some of you crave a rage-filled recap of last night's loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, but I can't give it to you. At least for one night, I can't be mad at the Sixers for being who they are, much like you can't be mad at an infant for spitting up on you. It is in their nature to be those burping Sixers and we can't throw our arms up every time, especially when they manage to make the game entertaining.

The Sixers jumped out to a huge first quarter lead due to tremendously good shooting (at one point they were 6-6 with all starters having made at least one shot) blended with attacking the rim. Memphis is the best defensive team in the league and the SIxers were just pissing on that. But as quickly as they scored 33 in the first, they gave up 37 even quicker.

Led by a simply unguardable-when-he's-on Jerryd Bayless and a simply unguardable-because-you-have-no-one-to-guard-him Marc Gasol, Memphis took advantage of the mean regression and poured in jumper after jumper.

Neither team could pull away in the third quarter, which was also known as the Kwame Brown Quarter (3 POINTS AND 2 REBOUNDS, SUP KWAM?!), and the game stayed equally tight in the 4th. Trading bucket for bucket, we got down to the nitty and the gritty and when Memphis' defense tightened up as we knew it would, the Sixers floundered worse than Kent Dorfman.