Jason Garrett made it clear a few weeks ago that he wasn’t tied to the notion that he has to be the Cowboys’ offensive play-caller as well as the head coach.
Garrett said at Senior Bowl practices in Mobile, Ala., that, “It’s never been hell or high water that I have to call the plays.”
Garrett won’t be the Cowboys’ offensive play-caller next season for the first time since 2006. But Garrett wants to keep his thumbprint on the Cowboys’ offense, and that’s why it was important for him to have offensive coordinator Bill Callahan take over as the play-caller.
All indications are that Callahan will call the plays for the Cowboys’ offense in 2013, though that hasn’t been officially announced. If the Cowboys had brought in someone from the outside to call the plays, Garrett likely would have had to surrender a lot of control over the team’s offensive philosophy.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been the one who has pushed Garrett to continue to call the offensive plays since he took over as head coach two and a half seasons ago.
“I believe in a head coach being one of the coordinators,” Jones said on KRLD-FM 105.3 on Oct. 5. “That’s debatable. I’ve had people say the head coach needs to be what I call a walk-around head coach, and that is he just looks at everything. We’ve had at least two of them in Bill Parcells and Tom Landry, of course I wasn’t here when Tom was here, that did everything. They ran the whole thing. Although they had coordinators or run coaches or passing coaches, I’m sounding a way that I don’t want to sound because it can work.
“I like the coach being one of the coordinators, preferably the offensive coordinator. But of course in Wade Phillips’ case, he was the defensive coordinator. When you do that, you’re going to get in down times, loss times, you’re going to get people to say, ‘They do too much. They’ve just got too much on their plate.’ You have to look at that. Jason has huge capacity to cover a lot of ground, so if anybody can do it, or look to the future, he can.”