Milan Lucic and the Bruins were the victims of some dubious refereeing late in the second period of their 4-1 win against the Florida Panthers yesterday. Lucic was cross-checked from behind by Mike Weaver, sent crashing hard into the boards on a hit that’s usually a penalty.

Nearby ref Mike Hasenfratz didn’t call it, but he did raise his arm when a furious Lucic gave Weaver a retaliatory cross-check. Lucic then jumped on Weaver’s back and drew an additional minor. And when Lucic beefed too vociferously from the box, referee Chris Lee hit him with a 10-minute misconduct.

All this mayhem because Hasenfratz missed an obvious call — although B’s coach Claude Julien went fairly easy after the game on the refs, noting that they have to make immediate, heat-of-battle calls without the benefit of replays. If Florida had scored a couple of power-play goals there, he might not have been so understanding.

“When I looked at it between periods, it appears to be a cross-check,” Julien said. “We felt that maybe there could have been an original call and we could have been on the power play — vs. being down for four minutes.

“That (Lucic going after Weaver) is Milan showing his character. He just reacted to what he thought was a dangerous play on him. I’ll accept that and so will the team, as you saw, when we made sure we killed that off.”

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