Any other year, a Cornyn-Abbott-Dewhurst-Bush primary lineup would look like a Republican winner.

Not this year. At least, not yet. And time is short before March 5 voting.

With U.S. Sen. John Cornyn all but daring the Tea Party to challenge him, and with three opponents chasing Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, traditional Republicans seem due for a jolt.

But Nolan can change all that.

Texas Rangers baseball hero Nolan Ryan of Fort Worth is mulling a campaign for state agriculture commissioner, not only pitching Texas beef but also drawing voters to a lineup short on star power.

At the Waco-based Texas Farm Bureau, spokesman Gene Hall said he’s heard the same talk.

“I think he would be wonderful,” Hall said Thursday, after word leaked from Houston about a potential Ryan campaign.

“He would have a platform to go around the world talking about Texas beef,” Hall said.

“Whatever he says, people are interested.”

There’s this tiny matter of the primary first, and four current Republican candidates including Stephenville Republican Sid Miller, whose campaign treasurer is Waco musician and hunter Ted Nugent.