On if the Rangers would consider trading Martin Perez before the All-Star break:

You never want to make the mistake and say someone can't be included, because you never know what type of deal might come along. Obviously we're very pleased with where he is at the moment. We have in our plans in our future. Do I forsee him being part of a deal? No. But if the right deal came along we'd have to give it some consideration.

On the potential for a blockbuster trade before the deadline:

I think Jon Daniels and his staff will be exploring any and every opportunity out there and seeing how we might better the ballclub for the second half. Do I anticipate a blockbuster deal? I don't anticipate that, but you never know what someone's going to propose to you through conversations. We'll certainly be exploring any opportunities we have. Do I see us making a trade of the magnitude of the Cliff Lee deal? I'd be rather surprised if we did.