Among the most common themes in stories written about the Bruins and Canucks before the Stanley Cup finals, one zeroed in on Patrice Bergeron vs. Vancouver's Ryan Kesler. Two similar kind of players, it was said by many. But, many added, Kesler is a better player.

As for the teams themselves, the conventional wisdom generally went about like so: Yeah, the Bruins are a pretty good team — but the Canucks are better.

Well, Bergeron and the Bruins last night flushed conventional wisdom down the drain, as they broke the hearts of Vancouver — and sparked the feared downtown rioting — and did so in convincing fashion, with a 4-0 victory in Game 7 at Rogers Arena.

Bergeron, inferior talent that he is, scored two goals in the dramatic finale, for which Bruins fans have been waiting more than three decades. In the series, he had the two goals, three assists and was a plus-6.

Kesler? Well, the guy was probably playing with a bad groin, but he did play, just not particularly well (one assist). That kind of summed things up for the Canucks as a team: In the end, for all their talent, they were overmatched by the hard work and team play of the Bruins.