Perhaps no team deflects more individual praise than the Bulls and while they couldn't have come from behind 17 to defeat the Detroit Pistons 85-82 – extending their winning streak over their Central Division rivals to 17 – without the collective efforts of the team, it's clear that the energy of Joakim Noah and Nate Robinson continues to be an asset as valuable as any they possess.

Down 68-57, Robinson scored nine straight points during a 22-5 run to start the fourth period.

While his shot selection has been questioned at times, his effort, heart and intentions are always in the right place. On nights where he has it going, he's capable of a scoring outburst that only feeds his undeterred confidence.

"That's Nate," Thibodeau said. "He made a lot of big time plays for us. He's not afraid and I like and respect that about him."

Robinson finished the game with 11 points, seven assists and played the entire fourth quarter.

"For me, my biggest asset to the game is energy," Robinson said. "That's something that I always pride myself on doing is playing as hard as I can and bringing the energy no matter if the place is rocking, or the place is dead. For us, we needed the lift. I just had to force the crowd to get out their seats and give us a little boost.

"It's that Peter Pan theory: you can't fly without happy thoughts," he continued. "For me, I just always think about my kids, even though I'm supposed to be focused on the game. For me, any little happy thought I can get. I just feel like I'm invincible and unstoppable."

Added Noah on his neighboring locker room teammate: "We need Nate to be aggressive offensively. This is not the first time he's carried us offensively in situations like that. I think that the more pick-and-rolls we put him in, especially when we're getting stops, than he's able to do his thing. I think everything was about this game was flat. The energy in the building was quiet and Nate came in, did his thing and really got us going. This isn't the first time he's done it. He's won a lot of ball games for us."