Monday didn't happen, Thursday might and a repeat of the 2009-10 season better not.

That's the summary for the plantar fasciitis in Joakim Noah's right foot, which sidelined him for the third straight game. Noah is hoping knowledge gained from missing 18 games in 2009-10 with the painful condition in his left foot will help him.

"The one in '09-10, I just kept playing through it," Noah said. "I probably played with it for a month until I couldn't anymore. This time I stopped a lot earlier. I probably played on it for five or six games. I just knew what direction it was going in. In '09-10, I just tried to act like it wasn't there. That was a mistake.

"I'm moving in the right direction. With a couple more days of treatment, I'm hoping to be OK and try to go on Thursday (vs. the Nuggets)."

Noah even got some set shots up on the Bulls' day off Sunday but said he did no running or jumping. He has been resting the foot, icing it and getting laser treatments. He said he doesn't envision skipping the All-Star Game and is hopeful the condition won't recur or place him on a minutes limit when he does return.

"Hopefully I'll be 100 percent and be able to do what I do," Noah said.

Noah sat on the bench in the first half Monday night but had to retreat to the locker room for a dress shirt and sport coat in order to comply with the league's dress code rules.

No sweat: Taj Gibson played all but 2 minutes, 47 seconds during the back-to-back in Brooklyn and Atlanta, but that didn't stop him from lifting weights on the Bulls' day off Sunday.

"I feel good," Gibson said. "It's all a mind thing. Once you start sweating, your mind gets right."

Coach Tom Thibodeau, who played Gibson on Monday, shrugged.

"They're supposed to be conditioned," he said. "That's part of their job. They're pro athletes."