While the Bruins seemed to find their physicality and get in touch with their intensity in an emotionally charged atmosphere, it might have come at a cost. Bruins right wing Nathan Horton was among the most notably intense players on the ice as he registered four hits in just 5:18 of ice time and dropped the gloves with Pittsburgh power forward Jarome Iginla after a quick exchange between the two in the first period.

Horton landed a pair of punches to Iginla before the Pittsburgh winger dropped to the ice and dragged his combatant down with him. It wasn’t clear if it was Iginla holding Horton’s jersey on his way down or Horton bracing his hand for impact with the ice, but he appeared to hurt his left hand/wrist.

Horton immediately got up from the scrap and headed right to the Bruins dressing room as he was flexing his left wrist and hand on his way off the ice. He never returned to the game after leaving with the upper body issue in the first period.

Bruins coach Claude Julien said that there was no update following the 3-2 loss to the Penguins, but indicated one could be forthcoming soon on Horton’s condition.