General manager Jerry Reese kicked off Giants training camp by putting everyone on notice including himself.

His boss hasn’t read anyone the riot act but that doesn’t mean he’s remotely satisfied with what has gone down lately.

“I think more about the three out of four than I do the Super Bowl’’ Giants co-owner John Mara told The Post yesterday. “It’s sort of the glass is half empty.’’

The “three out of four’’ is how many times the Giants missed the playoffs since 2009 a stretch Reese said is “not acceptable’’ and “not our standards.’’ Mara wasn’t displeased Reese grabbed everyone’s attention but he has not issued a similar threat to his employees.

“We haven’t officially laid down the law that everybody is on notice but you miss the playoffs three out of four years and that stings a little bit’’ Mara said while watching practice yesterday. “Yeah it’s an important year for us but I’m not one to issue ultimatums or anything like that. That’s just not the way to do business. But missing the playoffs three out of four years particularly when there’s this perception that we’ve been so successful definitely stings a little bit.’’

Mara said he feels “mixed emotions’’ about the past four seasons even though his franchise earned a shiny new Lombardi Trophy during that span.

“Yeah we’re one year away from the Super Bowl but that seems like a distant memory at this point’’ he said. “I still remember blowing the big lead from last year where it looked like we were going to waltz into the playoffs.’’

Veteran guard Chris Snee entering his 10th season thinks Reese’s “on notice’’ salvo means: “Do your job play the way this organization trained you that’s why they brought you in here that’s why they re-signed you however you got here there’s that expectation for you to perform the way they expect you to and you expect of yourself.’’

Last year’s inconsistency was maddening to Snee and it doesn’t sound as if he has gotten over it.