What will become of Chip Kelly?

With openings in the NCAA creating a stir -- USC, anyone? -- the focus turns to the former Oregon head coach who clearly enjoys the level of control, autonomy and privacy he had at the collegiate level.

Here's NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport:

"My understanding is that after the ugly loss to the Lions in front of the entire country, Chip Kelly was despondent, frustrated and feeling the heat for the first time, aware it seems that his job status may actually be in doubt after grabbing all the power this past offseason. That said, he seems intent on fixing this issue, understands that his back is against the wall and is looking at making some possible changes with a little mini break after the Thanksgiving day game.

"But at the end of the season he is gonna face a decision," Rapoport continued. "It seems it is a little bit of a longshot for it to come from another NFL team, but USC still maintains interest in Chip Kelly. It seems like they will at least touch base with him after the season. He is gonna have to make a call on what his future holds after this season with the Eagles ends."