DeMarcus Ware has 111 sacks in the NFL career placing him fourth among active leaders and he's had seven consecutive seasons where he compiled double-digits in sack totals.

Yet Ware hasn't sacked the quarterback since last December and he was shutout in the season-opener against the New York Giants. Ware has sacked Giants quarterback Eli Manning (13.5) more than any other quarterback in his career.

But Sunday night despite an interception Ware had no sacks or tackles and the Cowboys coaches credited him with six quarterback hurries.

Defensive line coach Rod Marinelli hung a cigar taped to a piece of paper in Ware's locker and wrote a message saying "Close but no cigar" and signed it "Your loving coach."

"I got to figure out some way to get him to take that cigar out of my locker" Ware said.

Ware played the last month of the 2012 season with basically one arm. A bad shoulder that needed surgery in the offseason and an hyperextended elbow bothered him. Ware picked up a sack in four of the last six games.