The Hakeem Nicks-Eli Manning rift if it ever did exist is officially no more.

On Wednesday three days after Nicks made headlines for saying “I can’t throw it to myself” in the wake of Sunday’s 38-0 loss to the Carolina Panthers coach Tom Coughlin hinted that the comment was vastly overblown. And Manning said he didn’t even need to talk to the wide receiver about any possible issue.

Said Coughlin: “The information that has come forth to me and this is from writers present one of the people was actually in Carolina. They think it was a little bit of this has gotten blown out of proportion.

“He didn’t mean it that way or intend it that way” the coach added. “I know it doesn’t matter that it’s what you say but I know there’s some evidence that he was really trying to be humble and understanding in realizing he didn’t make a great contribution.”

On Monday Coughlin had said of Nicks’ comment: “That’s not a smart thing to say. . . . I’ll talk to him about it sure.”

Manning indicated that he had no problems with his deep threat receiver. “We just kind of looked at each other and said ‘Hey we don’t have to talk about this right?’ ” Manning said. “Hakeem’s one of my great friends. I never thought he was saying anything at me or making any jabs. That’s Hakeem and he’s good and we'll get back on track this week.”

Nicks added: “We’ve talked about it. They know I didn’t mean it.”