It was only six minutes but it’s what Quincy Acy did with those six minutes that counted.

Acy the last man on a pre-season roster of 17 to get any run came out determined to make a statement Friday night.

Caught in a glut of big men on the Raptors roster Acy had one of those don’t-forget-about-me performances basically putting the other four Raptors reserves on his back and bettering the Knicks on the floor to finish the game and assure the Raptors of a win.

Acy’s six minutes Friday turned into 16 on Saturday and while the crazy offensive numbers weren’t there Acy did fininsh with a respectable five points and four rebounds in just over a quarter of work.

Acy and the bench carried the Raps to a 104-97 win last night in another turnover-filled not to mention foul-filled match. Toronto turned the ball over 26 times continuing a worrisome trend despite their winning ways.

Casey was asked what Friday’s performance did for him.

“It confuses because it’s about opportunity and I told him that” Casey said. “He took advantage of the opportunity he had. One night doesn’t make a career but a guy coming in like that really shows that he’s still into it he’s still viable and still trying to make a place for himself in the rotation.”

Acy always looks like he’s ready for battle when he takes the floor but admitted he was a little more amped than usual on Friday.

“I was actually upset when I got in the game” Acy said. “I was just mad. I was the only person on the roster that hadn’t seen the floor yet so I felt I had something to prove. Now there’s probably more pressure (against Minnesota Saturday night) because I played like that. They’re going to be expecting more so I got to come out with an even bigger chip on my shoulder.”

Acy was been playing basketball and even football with a chip on his shoulder since he day he began taking the games seriously. It’s what got him to the NBA and what he expects will keep him here.

He’s always had to work for his minutes and doesn’t see that changing soon.

“My first year (at Baylor) I got minutes right off the bat” Acy said. “By the time the Big 12 came around I started a couple of games. By the end of the Big 12 I wasn’t even seeing the floor. It was an up-and-down season so I guess that probably prepared me to just keep my head straight and work hard not matter what and never be complacent.”

As a rookie Acy spent some time in the D-League and plenty of time on the end of the bench watching. He knows finding minutes will be just as tough and maybe even tougher this year.