Clearly, things were going along too smoothly. And we can't have that.

Kevin Love has released noise pollution into this area's rare positive basketball atmosphere. With key players getting healthy and the Timberwolves' future looking bright indeed, Love pecked away at that future by repeating his ambivalence about the organization. Apparently, he's not happy -- and he's not committed beyond the next two years.

Merry Christmas, Timberwolves fans.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Love bemoaned his contract, his place in the pecking order, his treatment by management and the overall structure of the squad, among other things. I'm sure he had some legitimate gripes in there. But there were so many, I haven't had time to sort them all out.

Love is a wonderfully talented basketball player and, from all reports, a first-class person. In his short time here, he has been very active in the community, trying to benefit the less fortunate. Minnesota fans adore him. But clearly he is an extremely sensitive fellow. He never forgets the most casual offense, real or perceived. And he apparently never forgives. Not even around the holidays.