Derek Carr may have sparked a scramble by Bay Area churches to secure his tithe.

The Raiders quarterback mentioned his Christian duty to donate one-tenth of his salary to charity at the press conference announcing his $125 million extension, and that comment seemingly led to pitches from churches.

“The first thing I’ll do is I’ll pay my tithe like I have since I was in college,” Carr said Friday. “That won’t change. I’ll do that.”

When website The Babylon Bee jokingly alleged that Oakland churches are jostling for Carr’s money, his older brother hinted at that actually happening.

It’s tough to tell if David Carr knew The Babylon Bee calls itself a “trusted source for Christian news satire” on its Twitter page.

But even if he did, it seems Derek Carr may be fending off prospects for parts of the $2.5 million he could theoretically donate from his $25 million salary next season. Carr did note that he doesn’t plan to share information on who receives some of those funds.