Bill Belichick seems to enjoy pulling the proverbial rabbit out of the hat every so often and stunning the draft crowd with one of his draft picks.

It’s not so much that the experts are surprised by a clever maneuver to land a well-known stud. It’s more about selecting a kid during an early round whom none of the analysts rated particularly high, or even expected to be drafted.

Sebastian Vollmer’s second-round selection was a bit of a stunner in 2009, considering the offensive lineman started football late in life, and also began as a tight end when he enrolled at the University of Houston.

Tavon Wilson was the jaw-dropper last year. It was tough to find the safety’s name in any draft book of note.

This year, Belichick once again defied conventional wisdom and logic. He caused a bunch of draft gurus to scratch their heads with the selection of Duron Harmon in the third round.

The Rutgers safety, by most accounts, could have been a late-round pick, or even an undrafted free agent signing.

On Belichick’s board, however, Harmon wasn’t going to be available much longer. He wasn’t going to get much past No. 91, where he was chosen by the Patriots.

In an interview during rookie camp Friday, Harmon came across as articulate, intelligent and eager to succeed.