Vancouver Canucks forwards Daniel and Henrik Sedin were in the TEAM1040 studio Monday afternoon with host Matt Sekeres.

The twins’ future in Vancouver, the only National Hockey League city in which they’ve played since being drafted in 1999, was one of the topics on the table.

Question: You’re going into the final years of your contracts. Do you anticipate extension talks this summer? Do you want extension talks this summer?

Daniel Sedin: “I think we certainly would like to stay here. I mean, we’ve always been up front with that. I mean, we love this city, we love this team, we love the management and we know coming into every season, we’re going to have a chance to win and that’s all you can ask for as a hockey player. We’ll see. All we can do is work hard, train in the off-season and do our best on the ice and hopefully it happens.”

Question: “Hank, have you instructed your agent, J.P. Barry, ‘Let’s get a deal done this summer’?”

Henrik Sedin: “No, we haven’t talked about it yet, actually. It’s only been a few weeks since we lost here. We’ve always been in a position where everything is going to get worked out if both sides agree that they want the same thing. We’re not panicking. Like Daniel said, we’ve been very up front that we like it here. That’s all we can do.

Question: What if Mike were to say to you, ‘Guys, after this year we may be a team in transition. Can we just hold off on the extension talks?’ Would that be okay with you? Would you be upset by that?

Daniel Sedin: “I think we’re two guys that can deal with a lot of outside things. We don’t worry too much about what’s going on with those kinds of things. We go out and play hockey and that’s all we care about, so… Like I said, if we do good enough, I think things take care of themselves. That’s all we can worry about.”

Question: “Hank – only Vancouver? Would you play anywhere else in the National Hockey League? Or is it Canucks for life?

Henrik Sedin: “If they say, ‘sorry you can’t be here any longer’, then we’re going to take a look at what we want and we’ll go from there. Like Daniel said, we’re year to year and when that happens we’ll take a look at our options. Until that happens, we’re very happy where we are.”