Pau Gasol didn't pick the Chicago Bulls for the money. He certainly didn't pick the Bulls for the winter weather.

Gasol, the Spanish post player with two Finals rings, is a Bull, he says, because they have a very good chance to win the NBA title next season.

"Money obviously wasn't the priority here," said Gasol, who was introduced by the Bulls on Friday at the United Center, along with rookie forward Nikola Mirotic. "I turned down bigger offers and I prioritized being on a championship-caliber team and being in a position where I can hopefully put that team over the top with my game as well. I felt that here I was going to have that opportunity, and now it's just a matter of getting to work."

He's also a Bull because they couldn't get Carmelo Anthony to leave New York.

But Gasol's not a disappointing backup free agent for a team that could be the favorite to win the Eastern Conference, provided the LeBron-led Cavaliers don't land Kevin Love in a trade. Even then, Gasol, along with the other offseason additions, make the Bulls a versatile threat.

The Bulls still have only one dynamic scorer in Derrick Rose, but once this team jells, it could be quite potent offensively. Yes, we're talking about the Bulls.