It's part of the routine every year at the Senior Bowl at all positions, but Bills GM Buddy Nix wasn't shy in discussing Buffalo's efforts to learn everything they can about all the prospects at the Senior Bowl this week at key positions of need for their team.

Nix validated to that linebacker, quarterback and wide receiver are the top priority positions for Buffalo.

"Those are still at the top of the list and I'm spending most of my time there, but I'll try to see them all," Nix said.

Nix confirmed that Buffalo interviewed all six of the quarterback prospects in Mobile this week on Monday night in addition to other prospects. That process continues each evening until tonight, with most of the scouting staffs departing Thursday morning.

Obviously athletic ability and production come first for any player evaluation, but there are also some specific assets the Bills are looking for at those three high-priority positions.

"The receivers, obviously we want a guy who can go up and snatch the ball, that he's open when he's covered," Nix said. "See if they'll go up and high point the ball and get it.

Among the most highly regarded receivers in Mobile this week are Baylor's Terrance Williams, Marshall's Aaron Dobson and Oregon State's Markus Wheaton.

"It's a good group," Nix said. "I think the receivers on both teams are a strength, and in the draft there are a lot of good players."