Why weren't the Giants investigated?

That was the question raised Wednesday by Kyle Williams, who said he is "shocked'' the NFL did not investigate what the Giants said about him a year ago.

The 49ers wide receiver committed two ultra-costly fumbles on punt returns in last year's NFC Championship Game, greatly aiding the Giants in their 20-17 overtime victory at Candlestick Park. After that game, Giants linebacker Jacquian Williams and receiver Devin Thomas admitted they were cognizant of Williams' history of concussions and wanted to take him out of the game.

A month later, the Saints were implicated in the pay-to-injure Bountygate scandal, and Williams figured the Giants' comments would lead to a similar investigation.

"It was almost like when the Giants said it, it was not a big deal,'' said Williams, who is on injured reserve." "That's the only thing that kind of shocked me. I thought that would have the same reaction because it's the exact same thing.'' Not exactly. The Saints were nailed for running a bounty system, complete with rewards for injuring opposing players. Two Giants players merely said they were trying to take Williams out of the game.

"Guys try to hit guys every game, guys try to put guys out of the game every single game. If it's going to help your team, you got to do what you got to do,'' Williams said. "That part didn't surprise me, especially if you know some guy has a sort of history you're going to go for it, even if you do say it out loud.The fact they said it and there was nothing that came from it was a little different to me.''

Williams allowed one punt to bounce off his leg, allowing Thomas to recover the ball. In overtime, Williams was stripped from behind on a return by Jacquian Williams, with Thomas again recovering to set up Lawrence Tynes' game-winning field goal.