After only 13 months with the Cubs, right-hander Jake Arrieta
already seems to feel pretty strongly about two things:

First, that he can be the ace of the pitching staff, even if the Cubs sign a front-line starter such as Jon Lester.

‘‘I don’t see why not,’’ Arrieta said.

And second, that he wants to stay in Chicago for the long term, even if it means potentially overriding the counsel of agent Scott Boras, who typically likes to take his best clients to free agency as early as possible.

‘‘I don’t think I’m a guy that’s going to ask for an astronomical amount of money,’’ Arrieta said Tuesday. ‘‘But I think if there’s a fair deal to be reached, I’m in
100 percent.

‘‘I like pretty much everything about Chicago and the team that’s in place now, with the guys that are coming up. It’s hard not to want to stay here.’’

Arrieta (6-4, 2.77 ERA) has been the Cubs’ de facto ace since right-hander Jeff Samardzija was traded to the Oakland Athletics on July 4.
After opening the season on the disabled list because of a sore shoulder, he has settled into an 18-start run unlike any he had in his 72 career starts before this season.