And the quarterback watch continued.

On Friday, the Eagles held another OTA at the NovaCare Complex. Earlier in the week, Nick Foles and Michael Vick – the two quarterbacks who appear best positioned to compete for the starting job – essentially took the same number of snaps (see story). That was not quite the case this time around.

Foles and Vick both appeared under center with the first and second teams during 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills on Friday. An unofficial tally by revealed that Foles took 42 total snaps while Vick had 29. Rookie Matt Barkley registered 22 reps with the third team.

Over the course of the OTA, Foles (again, unofficially) completed 22 of 29 passes. Vick went 9 for 17, while Barkley was 9 for 13.

Part of the reason Foles took more snaps than Vick on Friday was because of the way Chip Kelly structures his practices. The sessions are divided into individual periods (there were 21 on Friday), all of which are timed. As the quarterbacks rotate in and out, the clock ticks down. Sometimes, the clock expires and the team moves on to a different activity – special teams, for example – before the next signal caller can throw a pass. That happened a few times on Friday where Foles was on the field when one period ended and another began.

Additionally, during certain 11-on-11 drills, the quarterbacks were given the opportunity to engineer faux drives and stay on the field by guiding their respective units to hypothetical first downs. Foles did that a few times during certain periods, which ate away at the time remaining on the clock, thereby diminishing the number of snaps taken by the quarterbacks that followed him.