Eagles head coach Chip Kelly spoke to the media on Monday about the state of his team following Sunday's loss to the Cowboys. Here is what Kelly said:

On Nick Foles: “It didn’t look like he was injured until the last play. I think he was off a little bit. His feet weren’t set on a couple of his throws. There were times our guys were open and he couldn’t get them the ball."

"I saw Nick after the game he seems like he’s doing well. There’s a protocol and a system you go through before he’s cleared. He says he feels good so we’ll see how it goes as the week progresses."

"He was just off.”

On outside options at quarterback: “Yeah I mean if those guys can’t go obviously we’ll bring in another quarterback."

"I’m not a scenario guy. I’m not getting into all that. We know exactly where Matt has to be where Nick has to be and where Mike has to be.”

On Michael Vick: “Mike did work out before the game and said he felt like he was moving in the right direction."

"It’s all based on what his health is. We’ve listened to Mike the whole time and we’ll continue to listen to Mike. Just cause one guy got hurt that doesn’t make another guy get healthy quicker.”

On Matt Barkley: “It’s Matt’s first time getting in the game we’re down 17-3 we’re going to throw every down make it 17-10 and get the ball back. Difficult situation for him to come in."

"I think Matt can make throws. I think it’s a matter of him learning and learning the speed of the game. I think he’s got a bright future.”