We start with nine Red Sox predictions for 2013:

• The players will set a club record for appearances at the Jimmy Fund Clinic.

• Shane Victorino will help an old lady fix a flat on Storrow Drive at 2 a.m.

• Ryan Dempster will play Santa Claus at Christmas at Fenway.

• The next time a Red Sox legend dies, the team will need extra buses to transport all the players to the funeral.

• Stephen Drew will play 135 games, fight through a nasty cold sore, and redeem the family name.

• Jenny Dell will do a really funny piece with Joel Hanrahan and Jonny Gomes on the care and maintenance of their facial hair.

• Mike Napoli will show up at the park every day and work hard, serving as an inspiration to all Americans who struggle with bone death in their hips.

• John Lackey will get in the best shape of his life and his teammates will hail him as a leader, a role model and all-around great guy.

• The team will win 78 games and finish fourth in the division.

The good news, if you are a Sox fan, is that the owners are finally letting the general manager do his job. No more meddling. Tom Werner and John Henry obviously did not order Ben Cherington to assemble a team of sexy, exciting players who would boost the NESN ratings and keep the sellout streak alive. They did not demand sizzle this offseason, and they didn’t get it.

Instead, they got good clubhouse guys with good attitudes and cool goatees. They will work hard, play hard and stick together. They will share cabs, dine out in groups of 12 and leave huge tips. They won’t complain about Sunday night games, and not because they won’t play any. They won’t complain about anything.

The crammed clubhouse, the cold weather, the 11 a.m. start on Patriots Day? It’s all good with this lovable band of journeymen and platoon players. They will be glad to stand at the gate and hand out roses on Mother’s Day or have a catch with Werner’s Hollywood friends long after the park has cleared. All those media jackals looking to stir up trouble are going to have to look elsewhere. These are the new Red Sox, prima donna free and grateful for every day they spend in the big leagues.

Welcome to Oakland, Massachusetts. We may not have the star power or the resources of some of them big-market teams, but gosh darn it, we do our best with what we’ve got. You want a theme for these Sox? Here it is: The A’s did it — why not us? Oakland won 94 games last year with Josh Reddick in the three hole and Jarrod Parker as the ace. Who needs stars? We’ve got team spirit.