While the NHL, NHL Players Association, International Olympic Committee and International Ice Hockey Federation all say a deal to bring players to the 2013 Sochi Olympics will get done, there are still roadblocks, according to Sportsnet's John Shannon.

Two of the big ones: the league's desire to sew up a broadcasting deal in Russia and lingering lockout-related distrust between the league and union.

From Shannon:

A domestic television deal in Russia could be worth millions of dollars, maybe over $100-million, in rights fees. A league source has acknowledged that a Russian television deal is very important to the NHL, and has been broached as part of the Olympic discussion.

The good news from Shannon, if you want to see the world's best players in Sochi, is that there remains "a genuine willingness" to reach an agreement, and that insurance/travel-related issues "appear to be resolved, or close to it." The NHL was also seeking increased access for NHL.com and the NHL Network, which was brokered from the IOC by NBC Sports.

A deal was reportedly supposed to be done by the end of May, and on the 10th of that month, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly says the league is "proceeding under the assumption" its players would take part.

IIHF President Rene Fasel at the time said "we have some issues left, but I, as always, remain optimistic."