NHLPA Special Assistant to the Executive Director Mathieu Schneider says all competition committee items forwarded from earlier this month have been approved by the league's general managers.

Hybrid icing, mandatory visors, shallower nets and video review on four-minute highsticking penalties will all be introduced next season, pending approval from the NHL's board of governors.

Five owners and five players reached a consensus to grandfather in mandatory visors, meaning that all current players will still have the choice but incoming ones must continue to wear them as they have in junior, college and in Europe.

The committee also voted to give hybrid icing a trial run during the 2013-14 pre-season, while shallower nets are effective for all of next season. All four-minute high-sticking penalties will be subject to video review, and Rule 81.5 that allows for linesmen to waive off icing on "attainable" passes would be eliminated as well.